Market Data and ECN Connectivity

We provide the framework for plug and play integration with multiple ECN’s, reducing integration cost and increasing operational efficiency. We build dashboards to configure and monitor ECN activities and exception handling. We perform integration, data processing and storage solutions with market data sources and liquidity providers. Additional expertise includes processing of financial messages, exchange protocols, and data formats.

Market and Reference Data


We have strong experience with reference data integration, reconciling external data references, inbound data feeds, counterparty data and real-time market data. We provide efficient and innovative solutions for reference data connectivity, processing, and storage needs.

Data Sources

  • Reuters
  • Bloomberg
  • Hub Data
  • Prime Brokers
  • Custom Sources
Protocols and API

  • FpML
  • ASI, TOF
  • FIX
  • XML
  • Web Services

ECN Connectivity

We have integration experience with major liquidity provider for Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income,Credit Derivatives and Interest Rate Products.

Alternative Investments

We have expertise in building software solution for Hedge Fund and Fund of Funds operations. Providing solution for the front and middle office operations, including trading, algorithmic trading, market data, risk, administrators and prime brokers integrations.

Fund of Funds


We helped with the launch of SPHINX (Standard and Poor’s Hedge Fund Indices). We designed and developed the service platform to generate intraday NAV, daily risk numbers, and EOD index values for the investable Hedge Fund Index. We developed the web-based solution for investor subscription and redemption activities and provided support for indices rebalancing and reconstitution.

Hedge Funds

We can help you integrate trading with ECN and liquidity providers for Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Credit and Interest Rate Derivatives (TradeWeb, Swapswire, Bloomberg, FXALL, EBS, Hotspot, Currenex, etc.).

Algorithmic Trading

Our expertise in real-time and multithreaded programming can be leveraged to create automated trading programs, tuned to your trading strategy.


  • Enabling Straight Through Processing
  • Integration with fund administrators and prime brokers
  • Experience with portfolio accounting applications: Advent Geneva
  • Integration with risk calculation solutions: Risk Metrics

Prime Brokerage

Our client list includes major Wall Street prime brokerage houses. We build applications for order booking, trade capture, portfolio management, post-trade allocations, margining, credit, reporting etc activities.

Straight Through Processing


Providing IT and business process solutions to enable Straight Through Processing.

STP Activities

  • Trade Capture
  • Allocations
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Margining – Risk
  • Trade Matching
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting

Asset Types

Supporting both classic and derivative PB activities for the following Asset classes.

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Interest Rate Products
  • Equity

GiveUp Trade Capture

Solutions for high volume trade capture and post-trade activities.

  • ECN and Third party integration
  • Web Services Interface
  • Web based entry
  • Post Trade Allocations
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

Operation Support

Providing robust and stable software solutions with built-in error detection and auto-correction features. Increased system capacity to handle higher trading volumes, reduced operations work load with proactive exception handling.

  • On-boarding and client setup
  • Real time credit calculation

Client Reporting

  • Trade and Position level data
  • Credit
  • Margining
  • Confirmations
    • Financial
    • Legal
  • Settlements
  • Statements
  • Risk reports