Cloud Computing

We’ll help you fully or partially host your applications on the cloud, for improved performance, flexibility and resilience. Existing applications can be enhanced for worldwide users with cloud technologies like CDN’s, dynamic load balancing and scaling, micro-services, analytics, single sign on, etc. Cost savings can be significant with hosting on services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Web Application Firewall

A WAF protects web applications from intrusions by analyzing HTTP traffic. It not only rejects suspicious requests, but can also provide real-time alerts and logging of intrusion attempts. XSS, SQL-injection, DDOS and many other forms of attacks are protected against.

A particularly useful feature of a WAF is virtual patching of old and legacy systems that cannot be easily updated. The WAF sits in front of the legacy system analyzing all traffic without needing to touch the end system itself.

Single Sign On

Our Single Sign On expertise will help organizations improve productivity and security. We integrate SSO across a wide array of systems and applications, including Active Directory, AADP, ADAM/LDS, SAML, CAS, OAuth, Google, Salesforce and much more. With a single user credential, users can maintain security without being overwhelmed by multiple accounts that lead to poor password habits and vulnerabilities.